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Xu Yang chemicalXuyang chemical has a branch in the United States, and has worked with Mexico, Canada,
India and many European countries establish business relations.

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ANYANG XUYANG CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. is initiated on Aug 2012, it is the new company of a professional modern Rubber Chemicals Technology Company. The office is located in Anyang City China with only two and half hours by high-speed train from Beijing City to Anyang City. Also there is a branch located in Detroit,USA......

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Rubber Accelerator

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Anti-aging agent is a kind of compound which can prevent or restrain the factors such as oxygen, heat, light, ozone, mechanical stress, heavy metal ions, etc.

The reduced phenomenon is called aging. With the development of the aging process, the properties of rubber and its products will be gradually reduced and the use value will be completely lost.

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